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Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is an all-inclusive managed services package offered by TELADATA. MaaS employs TELADATA staff and equipment to provide you with the alarms, data analytics, advice and reports that matter to you most.

The true benefit lies in our expert interpretation of your data. Your monitoring systems hold little value without properly applying the results to your operations. 
MaaS full management package includes:

  • Periodic meetings with TELADATA team to debrief on metrics and reports 
  • Full access to the system with the ability to pull pre-programmed or ad-hoc reports at any time
  • Data interpretation with recommended call-to-action items
  • Long term strategy planning and project roadmap to ensure your unique data center goals are met
  • Customized payment terms to meet your internal requirements

For a deeper understanding of the models above, please contact:

Nichole Stephenson

Maricel Cerruti